Simple snowflake beauty contest

12 January 2005

I’m thinking at stealing a MIT idea and doing something similar for ACM this semester. Don’t know what we’d offer in terms of prizes, but I’m sure Erik and I could come up with something.

“Create the simplest program that generates the most beautiful snowflake.”

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that one’s obviously left up to the judges. But I wonder if we can come up with a rubric for judging simplicity in code? Number of lines, readability, complexity (Big O) of the algorithm used.

Have to think about that some more.

Do we want to limit snowflakes to text only, or should this be an anything goes competition? I like the limit that text imposes, since it puts everyone on the same playing field and doesn’t give the coder with mad OpenGL / Java skills the best chance of winning.

Thanks to John Maeda for the idea behind this.