Oblique Strategies

2 January 2005

Taken from the deck by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt:

Oblique Strategies

[blank white card]
Accept advice
Be dirty
Change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency
Do we need holes?
Emphasize repetitions
Faced with a choice, do both
Go outside. Shut the door.
How would you have done it?
Infinitesimal gradations
Just carry on
Lowest common denominator
Mute and continue
Not building a wall but making a brick
(Organic) machinery
Put a blank in an exquisite frame; make it valuable
Remove ambiguities and convert to specifics
Spectrum analysis
Towards the insignificant
Use filters
What are you really thinking about just now?
You are an engineer


My eventual goal is one from every letter of the alphabet (taking artistic license as needed; see ‘p’). That makes this an abecdearian, which is a type of acrostic poetry.

Still missing, ‘k’, ‘q’, ‘v’, ‘x’, and ‘z’.

I like the idea of creating poetry out of something as non-poetic as business strategies. Though given the creative threads that run between art and design, it’s really not that oblique a stretch.