Moleskine notebooks

15 January 2005

Moleskine notebooks are one of my all time favorite things, and h2g2 has a great little article about them. In addition, Moleskinerie is a site for “legends and other stories” about the little black book everyone’s talking about.

“The Moleskine notebook…is one of my favourite possessions already…Just the right size. Just the right weight. an elastic band to hold it closed, a pocket to put invoices and so on.”

Neil Gaiman

“Moleskines, for example, each come with a cool little accordion pocket in the back. I use mine to hold an extra public transit card, a mini-copy of my Amazon wishlist, and an emergency $20 bill. So, for people like me, the notebook starts to function like an analog hub for whatever you might foreseeably need on the go.”

Merlin Mann

“There is an immense amount of satisfaction in writing on paper — we tend to forget that in this digital-toy-crazed world we live in. The Moleskine has lovely paper — crisp, creamy, and smooth — that is a pleasure to write on.”

“I don’t want to put up with the hassles a PDA presents. Whether it’s battery life, readability in direct sunlight, a cramped and frustrating text entry UI, or the myriad other things that ‘suck’ about PDAs, the Moleskine has none of these issues.”

Marc Orchant

“I have an interest in sketching with Moleskines.”

Mike Rohde

“In this modern era, blogs are fine, but writing in the Moleskine brings back that cathartic joy of journaling, the pleasure of pen to paper. The creative process. Wonderful thing, the Moleskine.”

Vince Tardy